ZYF is an active, Christ-centered ministry for high school students devoted to:

  • Nurturing the youth's faith in Christ
  • Drawing youth into the lift of the church and building an attitude of discipleship, service, and leadership
  • Helping youth better understand how the lord has placed them as children, students, citizens and Christians in the world, and how he uses them in these various roles; how to live a life of faith
  • Keeping youth connected, not simply to Zion, but to their Savior as the become young adults
  • Encouraging all high school students to regularly attend in Church and Sunday School

ZYF kids get together about every month for a variety of activities, ranging from canoe trips and rock climbing to bowling, laser tag, and just hanging out together and having pizza.  And because ZYF is made up of teenagers, there are plenty of crazy games like Grog and movie nights where everyone stays up late.  Every event includes prayer, devotion, and fellowship.

ZYF has a discipleship week every summer where the kids are involved in service project in our community and occasionally away from home (as far as Michigan or Missouri), and we've also participated in the national youth gathering for the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS), attended by almost 25,000 of our brothers and sisters in Christ.

ZYF also sponsors activities for Junior High students (called JAMS - Jesus and Me) and supports college students who are away from home.  Between high school, junior high, and college, almost 50 kids are involved in ZYF.

Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church  11007 S. Book Rd., Naperville, IL 60564
The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod