Zion Youth Fellowship

ZYF is an active, Christ-centered ministry for junior and senior high school students. At Zion Lutheran Church we are devoted to:

  • Nurturing the youth’s faith in Christ
  • Drawing youth into the life of the church and building an attitude of discipleship, service, and leadership
  • Helping youth better understand how the Lord has placed them as children, students, citizens, and Christians in the world and how he uses them in these various roles
  • Developing each youth’s plan to live a life of faith
  • Keeping youth-connected, not simply to Zion, but to their Savior as they become young adults
  • Encouraging all youth to regularly attend and participate in Church events

ZYF hosts a variety of events year round focusing on developing youth in fellowship and service. Game nights allow for a relaxed environment in which youth can join in fellowship with each other. Summer gatherings provide an opportunity for fellowship with all members of the congregation. Service opportunities at various local organizations are coordinated and encouraged on a regular basis. 

ZYF attends Higher Things each summer - a retreat for youth supported by the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS). 

ZYF also coordinates with other local LCMS youth groups for additional opportunities for our youth.